Replacement and Repair

We will recommend the best and least invasive approach for the repair or replacement of plumbing fixtures. We are focused on the longevity rather than the quick fix approach, and of course, the most cost efficient. We attend trade shows and presentations to become familiar with the most current and cutting edge technology.

Deep Cleaning

Our service technicians are trained and have the experience to know the best method for cleaning drains. We have various cable machines for any job. Ever wonder what that odor is in your bathroom? Ask our servicemen if your wax ring needs to be replaced!

Filtration Maintenance

It is essential that water filter cartridges be changed on a regular basis to ensure that water consumption is clean and safe. Ask us for a price to establish a schedule to service your filtration systems.


We utilize the latest technology for locating leaks and water lines. If necessary, we will freeze the lines to avoid main shut downs to risers in condominiums. Our servicemen are trained and skilled with soldering and gluing joints to minimize future leaks.

Water Heaters

We won’t replace your water heater unless it is absolutely necessary. We may just replace the and rods to prolong the life of your heater. If replacement is necessary, we will update the electric according to code and provide a brand that is our best recommendation based on our experienced opinion.

Remodeling and Upgrades

When it comes to remodeling, we will advise you of the most strategic placement of plumbing fixtures. We have the ability to suggest the highest quality and cost efficient water closets, lavatories, tubs/showers, and faucets based on our other customer’s opinions and experience with service calls.