We’ve tested, repaired and installed all sizes from ¾” to 8”. Prices vary according to size. We have our equipment calibrated on a yearly basis to ensure accurate testing and avoid unnecessary repairs.


This is our specialty! We have over 20 years experience with repairs and installations to condominiums and other commercial buildings. Most of our service calls originate from referrals.

Valves and Controls

Our experience with valves and controls is unlimited. Our goal is to regulate pressure to ensure the best efficiency of your pumps and drives.


We are licensed and certified for all aspects of this field. Our brazing skills are tested on a semi-annual basis. Most of our experience is with hospitals and medical facilities.

Inspection and Cleaning

We consider drain cleaning services a top priority. We have state of the art cameras and locators for inspection and troubleshooting. Our high-powered water jetting machines provide hydraulic power for even the toughest jobs.

Water Heaters

Some of our repairs and replacement of commercial water heaters (such as Cyclone) and boilers have been at hotels, hospitals, and assisted living centers with high volume kitchen capacities and services. Our goal is to install the most energy efficient and eco-friendly.